BJ Services Expands Hydrohammer Fleet

BJ Tubular Services on Friday announced it is expanding its growing fleet of hydraulic hydrohammers with the addition of the S-280, the group's most powerful hydrohammer. Its ability to drive bigger piles and achieve deeper penetration will enable BJ to drive the larger caissons required for many construction projects being carried out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Deep Gas Wells: Hydrohammer to Play Central Role

Beyond construction applications, the hydrohammer may be used to drive well conductors, too. Operators exploring for deep gas on the continental shelf often require longer, heavier casing strings for their wells. This means the conductors must support much more weight. As a result, the conductors being driven are much larger, many measuring 96-inches x 60-inches.

"This is where the new - extremely powerful - hydrohammer comes into play," said Brad Pellegrin, area manager – The Americas for BJ Tubular Services. "Given that this new hydrohammer has a maximum energy rate of 206,400 pounds per blow, and can deliver 45 blows per minute, we can now achieve the greater penetration required for the larger caissons and piles."

Off to a Good Start

BJ has already used its new hammer, including installing a mono-pod and a tri-pod platform. These projects were completed from derrick barges working in the Ship Shoal and Grand Isle areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Other planned installations include deep conductors and structure installations from both derrick barges and lift boats.

"We're not completely surprised at the amount of interest in this new hammer due to recent trends we've seen in the offshore pile-driving market. We knew once engineers found out about this new tool, it would be the hammer of choice for many projects," said Dow Drobish, country manager-USA for BJ Tubular Services, who manages operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Although the new hydrohammer can be used anywhere in the world, BJ plans to maintain it at the division's base in Broussard, La., for the foreseeable future so it will be readily available for use on the many construction operations and deep gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

BJ Tubular Services performed its first hydraulic hammer conductor-driving operation in 1995 in The Netherlands. Since then, the division has delivered thousands of single-slot hydraulic hammer conductor and caisson-driving operations worldwide.

BJ Services Co. is a leading provider of pressure pumping and related oilfield services to the petroleum industry. The company operates in every major oil and gas producing region.

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