Investigations Underway Aboard the Limburg Supertanker

An investigation into the explosion onboard the French supertanker, Limburg, began on Tuesday. The investigators are trying to determine if the incident was caused by a fire onboard or if it was a terrorist attack.

Petronas does not suspect sabotage, however, Euronav SA, the tanker owner, and its crew said "terrorists" could have rammed a boat stuffed with explosives into the vessel as it prepared to be tugged to Mina al-Dabah, near Mukalla which is about 500 miles from Sanaa.

There are conflicting eyewitness reports as to the damage on the supertanker. Some shipping experts seem to think it was an attack, since the two-year-old tanker was protected by a double hull.

Salvage teams have begun work Tuesday on the supertanker. The tanker was carrying 400,000 barrels of Saudi crude on board when the incident occurred. Petronas is sending two replacement tankers to pick up oil from Yemen.