Roxar Unveils New Version of Fracture Modeling Software

Roxar on Wednesday announced the release of the latest version of its fracture modeling software, FracPerm 2.0.

FracPerm is an integrated, easy to use fracture modeling package that enables geologists and reservoir engineers to create detailed, reliable permeability maps used in the flow simulation and history matching of reservoirs to reduce uncertainty.

Operating alongside Roxar's modeling software, IRAP RMS, FracPerm 2.0 combines data, geological properties, geo-statistics and geo-history in a data-driven approach, designed to make maximum use of available data and allow rapid and interactive quality control of the model as it is being built. Specific additions in FracPerm 2.0 include a redesigned, easy to use interface, simplified workflow and a new plug-in structure, which allows the reservoir engineer to better integrate and customize with other software tools.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, welcomed the launch:

"When FracPerm was launched in 2005, it heralded the evolution of fracture modeling from a niche discipline to a widely used tool helping geologists, and geophysicists across the entire asset team achieve the most accurate performance from their reservoir models.

"Today's announcement is taking this progress one step further. As fracture-prone plays continue to grow and with two-thirds of the world's proven reserves lying in areas with acknowledged issues of fracture-affected recovery , FracPerm 2.0's increased accessibility, speed and responsiveness to the geology will ensure that fracture modeling remains a cornerstone of risk assessment and reservoir uncertainty management for many years to come."

FracPerm operates on either the geological or simulation model, thereby accessing the reservoir structure and facies distributions. FracPerm's mix of structural geology, data integration and visual assessment tools are specifically designed to allow the asset team, with their intimate knowledge of the reservoir, to build robust models for validation both by structural experts and by simulation testing. Key features of FracPerm 2.0 include:

  • Ease of Use & Redesigned Interface. FracPerm 2.0 comes with a redesigned interface with enhanced visualization capabilities - suited to both experienced fracture modeling users and non-specialists.

    Features include a new model visualizer, a clearer view of well data, simpler ways of attaching fractures to sets and a new fracture model visualizer with color coding. Users also have the ability to change projects during a modeling session as well as full undo/redo functionality.

  • Accurate Models and Simplified Workflow. FracPerm 2.0 allows E&P companies to capture the true heterogeneity within fractured reservoirs, allowing better quantification of uncertainty and risk management.

    New FracPerm 2.0 features include enhanced ability to create trends with the user able to choose output type and range on individual screens, greater control on output and the ability to run from scripts, allowing the user to link into FracPerm from the IRAP RMS workflow manager. Users will find it easier to examine and compare the model with real data.

  • Smooth and Stable. FracPerm 2.0 comes with new grid handling capabilities that extend and enhance the product's stability over a wide range of modeling scenarios. Refinements in the editing loops make the workflow more efficient, allowing models to be rapidly updated as the field matures.

FracPerm 2.0, which is platform-independent, also builds explicit fracture models and trend maps, which identify fracture density and orientation. Where significant uncertainty exists, such as in the aperture of the fractures, (a controlling feature of the permeability behavior), multiple equi-probable models can be created and their simulation performance assessed.

Current FracPerm customers include Hydro, Lukoil, Saudi Aramco, ADMA, OMV, MOL, Surgutneftegas, Petrochina, Pertamina, and CuuLong Vietnam.

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