CGG Completes Moroccan Survey Ahead of Schedule

The reconfigured CGG Mistral has just completed an exclusive 3D survey off the west coast of Morocco two weeks ahead of schedule, while deploying Sercel Solid Seal streamers for the first time on a commercial project. The vessel acquired the 1,750 sq km program with a spread of eight 6,000-m Solid Seal streamers.

The advanced technology available on the CGG Mistral, including CGG's new array handling system for faster array deployment and retrieval, was key to her outstanding production levels with significantly reduced technical downtime in an environment well known for swells and unpredictable weather conditions. The performance of the centerpiece of this technology, the Sercel Solid Seal, surpassed expectations, eliminating noise and improving data quality. Deployment of this reduced-diameter, solid streamer with distributed electronics extended the weather window for recording, enabling the vessel to work longer in an adverse environment.

Gerard Chambovet, Senior Executive Vice President of CGG Services, said: "We are extremely satisfied with the Mistral's performance on this survey and her successful deployment of the Solid Seal on its first commercial assignment, confirming its exceptional reliability and noise reduction capabilities."

Industry interest in solid streamer data acquisition is confirmed by the CGG Mistral's already promising backlog running into next year. The vessel is currently sailing to Trinidad where she has been awarded an exclusive contract by a major oil and gas company.