Powder River Completes 14-well South Texas Program

Powder River Basin Gas Corp. has completed the 14th well of the 14-well Frio program scheduled for the Weesatche project in Goliad County, Texas.

The Stumfoll #2 had an open flow test of 2400 MCF per day and flowed 325 MCF per day on a 7/64th choke at 860 PSI flowing tubing pressure. The well will be produced at 310 MCF per day and will be monitored for increase over the next several weeks.

This well encountered seven pay sands in the Frio series, totaling 112 feet of pay sands. The deepest zone at 3827 feet is being produced from a nine-foot section.

"We are extremely pleased we have completed the 14 well program with a 100% success rate. This again proves the value of The Company's state of the art research and technology used on the Weesatche project. It has also been a great satisfaction to us to have the field designated as the Powder River Consolidated Field. I am personally thrilled with our continued success, and I am excited for Powder River to move forward with further development of our other existing properties," stated Powder River Basin Gas Corp. CEO, Brian Fox.

Powder River Basin Gas Corp. is active in production, acquisition, and marketing of crude oil and natural gas properties.