JSX Encouraged by Mae Sot Seismic Findings

JSX Energy's technical experts are very pleased with results of recent seismic reinterpretation study conducted by Carl Goldwater of Petro-Ventures International in Houston. The detailed analysis of 2D seismic and other geophysical and geological data of the Mae Sot Basin is now complete and the final report was received at JSX's Thailand office.

Several very positive developments have emerged from the combined analysis, including the clear indication of potential "traps" and "source rock maturity for oil generation". A number of structural and fault-related leads have been identified on the flanks of the deepest depression of the Basin. The proximity of these leads to the area of mature source or "kitchen area" should provide excellent traps for oil generated and migrating updip. "Several leads may require additional seismic acquisition to confirm and determine optimum drilling locations before being tested", said Sam Cohen, JSX Energy's Executive Director in Bangkok.

Goldwater is a leading authority on Thai petroleum geology and geophysics. He has undertaken a number of extensive projects in the Country over the past 30 years, including a complete gravity survey of the Mae Sot Basin and an in-depth interpretation of the prolific Phitsanulok Basin, which includes the 380,000,000 barrel Sirikit oilfield next door to Mae Sot. As one initial observation, Goldwater indicated that "stratigraphy on portions of Mae Sot seismic data is very similar to that of the hugely productive lacustrine section of the Phitsanulok Basin."

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