Badger Explorer Tests New Drilling Technology

Badger Explorer ASA has established a site for testing its new Badger Explorer technology at Rosenberg Yard in Stavanger, Norway.

The company said that all modules necessary for the ongoing full-scale integrated system function test have been delivered, adding that all tests conducted so far have shown encouraging results. A successful system integration test will be an important milestone in the development toward a commercial launch.

According to the company, the Badger Explorer technology is a revolutionary new method/device for hydrocarbon exploration that drills and buries itself into the underground. The tool carries a full package of logging sensors--at a substantially lower risk, cost and complexity compared to utilizing an expensive drilling rig. The Badger project has received great interest both from authorities as well as industry players, the company noted. ExxonMobil, Shell, and Statoil are among the technology development partners.

The company said that the project has developed positively since commencement. At the Rosenberg test site, the first full-scale system functions testing of the Badger Explorer prototype has started and is currently ongoing according to plan. All modules and components planned for at this stage are now manufactured and have been delivered at the test site. All tests conducted so far show encouraging results. The company plans to run the remaining sub system tests over the coming weeks, with the goal of performing a full integrated system functions test to verify the technology's functionality within the second quarter of 2007.

The targeted launch date for the first commercial Badger Explorer is the second half of 2008.