ASCO To Provide Support for BP's North Sea Operations

ASCO has been awarded a three-year contract for the management of BP's new supply base facility in Aberdeen. This new facility will be utilized to provide supply base support services for BP's North Sea operations.

The new contract will commence on January 1, 2003. The transfer of BP's operations to Aberdeen will be carried out in a number of phases with no impact to Peterhead operations during 2002. The transfer will be completed by mid 2003.

Colin Manderson, Chief Executive of ASCO said: "We are pleased to continue our long working relationship with BP. The move to Aberdeen will have an impact on our Peterhead base and we now need to assess the full extent of the implications. We will be working closely with employees to ascertain the detailed requirements for BP in our new role in a new location".

He added: "The move to Aberdeen will not result in the closure of our Peterhead base and it will remain as ASCO's primary port. The company is committed to developing and promoting Peterhead as a cost-effective option for North Sea operators. Whilst BP is a significant customer of Peterhead we also have a large number of other customers who use the port and it is important to stress that their service levels will be unaffected by this decision."