GdF Plans Reorganization

Gaz de France is going to create a new organizational structure for its activities, shortly to be the subject of consultations with the employees' representative bodies.

This new organization aims to achieve the following:

--To boost the Group's commercial dynamism to take advantage of market deregulation,
--To give a priority focus on growth in France and abroad,
--To enhance the strategic and financial management of the Group,
--To enhance the Group's efficiency, responsiveness and overall performance by guaranteeing a better cohesion between the different levels within the company.

This draft organization is based on the creation of a 3-tier management structure – Group head, operating branches, Business Units -- capable of providing both greater autonomy and a tighter reporting structure:

--The Group head, or central institution, chiefly focused on corporate strategy, economic and financial management, development and acquisitions, and the cross-functional departments,
--5 operating branches responsible for implementing the Group's strategy and managing the business units, and enjoying greater responsibilities and autonomy:
- The "Global gas" branch (exploration-production, LNG, supply, sales, trading) will be managed by Jean-Marie Dauger,
- The "Infrastructures" branch (transmission, LNG terminals, storage, distribution) will be managed by Yves Colliou,
- The "Energy France" branch (sales department, production of electricity, Savelys) will be managed by Henri Ducre
- The "International" branch will be managed by Pierre Clavel
- The "Services" branch will be managed by Bernard Leblanc

--The Business Units will be responsible for the operating performance of the Group's business activities as part of the operating branches.

Management structures will be set up, notably for the human resources, information system, audit, legal affairs and corporate strategy function. These horizontal departments will maintain a constant and effective dialogue between the Group, the operating branches and the Business Units.

Gaz de France has also announced a series of appointments, effective April 30, 2007.

Stephane Brimont, previously Vice President, Strategy of Gaz de France, has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Group, replacing Philippe Jeunet in this function.

Henri Ducre has been appointed Vice President, Market Development & Sales, replacing Jean-Pierre Piollat in this position. Prior to this new appointment, Henri Ducré was Director of EDF Gaz de France Distribution Operations. He has been given responsibility for the creation of the Energy France operating branch.

Jean-Michel Figoli, previously responsible for the prices and rates policy within the Strategy Department, has been appointed Principal Private Secretary to the Chairman and the Group's Senior Management team, replacing Michel Le Boedec in this capacity.

Emmanuel Hedde, previously Vice President, Equity Acquisitions, has been appointed Company Secretary of the Gaz de France Group and Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Philippe Jeunet has been appointed Advisor to the Chairman & CEO. He will be responsible, in particular, for development operations of the Group.

Michel Le Boedec has been appointed Deputy Director of the Commission for the Senior Executives of the Gaz de France Group. He will replace the current Director, Michel Montaigne, when he retires from the Group on July 1st, 2007.

Jean-Pierre Piollat has been appointed Advisor to the Chairman & CEO. He will be responsible, in particular, for the identification of strategic approaches making it possible to promote the expansion of the Group's commercial offerings and the study of new marketing methods and partnerships.

Didier Sire has been appointed Vice President, Strategy of Gaz de France, replacing Stephane Brimont in this position. He previously served as Deputy Director of the Strategy Division.

As of May 1st, 2007, the Executive Committee, chaired by Jean-Francois Cirelli, consists of Yves Colliou, Jean-Marie Dauger, Stephane Brimont, Pierre Clavel, Henri Ducre, Emmanuel Hedde, Raphaele Rabatel and Philippe Saimpert.

The Gaz de France group is a major player in the European energy market. Ranked first in the distribution of natural gas in Europe, Gaz de France employs more than 50,000 people and, in 2006, generated sales of €27.6 billion and net income of €2.3 billion. The Group boasts a portfolio of 13.9 million customers, 11.1 million of whom are based in France.