Petrobras Reaffirms its Partnership with PDVSA

Petrobras has reaffirmed its projects in partnership with PDVSA - Petroleos de Venezuela, the Venezuelan National Oil Company - continue on course. Negotiations involving the construction of the Abreu Lima Refinery, in the Suape Port (state of Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil), in association with the development of the Carabobo field, in Venezuela, are in progress.

The company reiterates there is no threat the negotiations kicked-off nearly two years ago will be interrupted. It also announces that next Tuesday, International Area director, Nestor Cervero, and Supply director, Paulo Roberto Costa, will be in Caracas, Venezuela, to attend yet another normally-scheduled ordinary meeting of the joint Petrobras/PDVSA committee.

Petrobras remains resolute to study the viability of the projects that are currently under discussion with PDVSA and the Venezuelan government, including mature field revitalization and Mariscal Sucre field development, both in Venezuela.