SensorTran and ODI to Offer Fiber Optic Sensor Solutions for Offshore

SensorTran and ODI (Ocean Design, Inc.), announced at OTC 2007, a cooperative agreement to create subsea fiber optic sensor deployment schemes, provide system performance data and simplify project design and installation for offshore oil and gas projects.

With this agreement, the companies will be working together to install optical sensing fiber through a variety of subsea connectors for the first time, providing offshore engineers unprecedented monitoring capabilities that were not feasible until now.

ODI's high-reliability, wet-mateable connectors, cable assemblies and junction boxes are used worldwide for offshore oil and gas, defense, oceanographic and research applications. SensorTran will be working with ODI to install optical sensing fiber inside umbilical power cables, on risers, pipelines, jumpers and through wellheads.

Combining SensorTran DTS with ODI interconnect technology will provide offshore engineers with critical temperature data that will enable them to operate assets more efficiently.

"Fiber optics can be an extremely valuable monitoring tool for oil and gas wells, and our agreement with SensorTran will extend this technology to offshore facilities for the first time," said Mike Read, CEO of ODI. "Offering SensorTran's market-leading temperature sensing solutions alongside ODI subsea interconnect systems gives us an advantage in this competitive industry."

SensorTran is a global supplier of fiber optic-based distributed monitoring solutions. Customers benefiting from SensorTran's DTS technology include the world's largest energy providers. DTS systems have applications in downhole oil and gas, transmission and distribution power cable monitoring, pipeline flow assurance and leak monitoring, process vessel hot spot detection, storage tank leak detection and environmental monitoring.

ODI is a leader in subsea electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems for offshore oil and gas, defense, oceanographic and telecommunication applications. As a technology focused provider of innovative engineered solutions, ODI employs skilled staff, utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and processes to design and manufacture a broad range of products for harsh environment system interconnectivity.