Europa: Radauti East-1 to Be Water Injector Well

Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc said that the Radauti East-1 well in Romania has reached a TD of 926 meters, having failed to encounter gas in the Sarmatian sands. Subject to injection performance testing, the well will be completed as a water disposal well for the nearby Bilca-Fratauti development.

Whilst it is disappointing that the well did not encounter hydrocarbons, the well penetrated reservoir sands that may be suitable for water disposal, as required for the Bilca-Fratauti Development. Fratauti-1, which has been flowing modest amounts of formation water entrained with the gas since being brought onstream, is currently being choked back because of the logistical difficulties in water disposal. Having a water disposal well could enable gas production to be increased at Fratauti and allow the development to manage any future water production.

Paul Barrett, Managing Director, said: "As well as facilitating production increases at Bilca-Fratauti, the results of this well also serve to calibrate the Sarmatian seismic response and reduce risk in future exploration in the play. Following completion of the well, the rig will move on to drill Arbore-1, which is unaffected by this result."

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