WellDynamics, Expro to Integrate Well Completion & Wireless Telemetry Tech

WellDynamics and Expro International Group have entered an agreement to integrate WellDynamics' SmartWell® intelligent completion technology with Expro's CaTS™ cableless transmission electromagnetic telemetry system. The integration of the two technologies offers customers improved in-well monitoring and control throughout the lifecyle of the well, and helps them to make more accurate decisions based on real-time downhole data.

"Our collaboration with WellDynamics promises to provide reservoir engineers with new levels of monitoring and control options for complex well architectures," said Francis Neill, wireline intervention director, Expro. "With the ability to capture real-time, accurate pressure and temperature measurements from the sandface in multi-stage completions, screens and laterals – without the need for cables – customers will achieve even greater value from their existing SmartWell completions."

WellDynamics' intelligent completion technology includes solutions for real-time monitoring, zonal isolation, and subsurface flow control across extended reach and multilateral wells. Most of these solutions are run as part of the production tubing and normally require a continuous power and telemetry path, in the form of a cable, from the device to the surface. Expro's CaTS system allows real-time information to be recovered from remote sensors using the steel well infrastructure, without the use of dedicated cabling or instrument lines in the well.

"Integrating SmartWell technology with CaTS allows WellDynamics to extend the capabilities of our in-well monitoring and control solutions, giving our customers new potential for better reservoir management," said Derek Mathieson, WellDynamics' vice president of business development and technology. "It will also advance the realization of the Digital Asset by giving customers the ability to monitor and control – in real time – wellbore architectures which cables and connector systems cannot reach. We are pleased to collaborate with Expro on this important initiative."