Lloyd's Register Provides Services for Trans-Mediterranean Gas Pipeline

Lloyd's Register Espana S.A. has been awarded the contract for provision of inspection and certification services for the prestigious MEDGAZ gas pipeline project.

The 210km subsea pipeline, from Algeria to Spain, is due for completion in mid-2009 and will help meet increasing demand for energy in Europe by delivering up to 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. The provision of this clean-burning gas, as an alternative to more polluting fuels, means the project will make a positive contribution towards targets set out in the Kyoto Protocol.

The development of the pipeline will play an important part in ensuring a stable, secure and high-quality energy supply is available for the European market. It will also offer a more cost-effective method of energy transportation to the continent, as it is the shortest and most direct link between Algeria and the south of Europe.

Lloyd's Register Espana S.A., supported by Lloyd's Register EMEA, will provide services including vendor works inspection for the pipeline and equipment and certification for the on and offshore pipe lay. Certification will also be carried out for the construction of the compressor station on the Algerian coast in Beni Saf and receiving terminal in Almeria, Spain.

MEDGAZ said "We will comply with the tightest international standards in all environmental, safety and health related aspects and have no doubt that Lloyd's Register Espana, S.A., and Lloyd's Register EMEA, will fulfil their commitment to the project in an efficient and professional manner."