Expro Unveils New Brand Identity

International oilfield service company Expro has announced a new brand identity and a unifying mission that sets the framework for its future presence in the global market place.

This follows the successful acquisition of PowerWell Services (PWS) that was completed last year. Expro now has an enhanced global and regional operational structure to deliver its full range of services and products under a single brand. In addition, Expro now enjoys increased marketing presence with national oil companies particularly in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Norway and North and West Africa.

The unveiling of Expro's new global brand identity coincides with the announcement of a single mission for Expro – Well Flow Management - which summarizes the company's total focus on providing services and products that measure, improve, control and process flow from high-value oil and gas wells.

Expro will now market all of its services and products in five key marketing areas that closely match the buying behavior and culture of its clients:

--Well Testing & Commissioning
--Production Systems
--Wireline Intervention
--Connectors & Measurements
--Drilling Chokes

Within each marketing area, services and products can be easily integrated to provide more complete and valuable solutions to the customer.

Expro's growth in its offshore and subsea businesses, and its strengthened presence in gas wells and land markets, has been driven both organically and through acquisition. At the same time, record amounts have been invested in new subsea and well intervention product development. The rebranding and focus on a single mission will enable Expro to align and integrate a number of its well known services and products, such as Egis, DHV Downhole Video, Kinley, Tronic, Matre, Petrotech, Power Chokes, PowerWell Services, Flarestack and Surface Production Systems, under one Expro brand.

Expro CEO Graeme Coutts said: "Well flow management embraces what we do – and what we do well. This market has significant growth potential. We have a technology portfolio well suited to add value in this market and an outstanding talent pool of staff to progress our current successful strategy. We intend to become the undisputed brand leader in well flow management."

Mr. Coutts said Expro's culture can be described by the company's three core values of service, performance and innovation. The announcement means that Expro and its acquisitions now share one brand, one mission, and the same vision and culture, consistent with Expro's strategy.

He said: "Our service provision will be recognized by excellence in operations and a determination to exceed our customers' expectations. Our performance will be defined by a QHSE record that is second to none and the delivery of superior financial results. Our innovations will prove our determination to find new and better ways to solve problems."