Energy Cranes Builds Revolutionary ECR 1200 Rental Crane

Energy Cranes manufacturing division in Houston has just delivered the first of a new generation of purpose-designed ECR1200-R fast-erecting offshore cranes to Energy cranes' rental division at Abbeville, Louisiana.

The claim that the crane can be erected offshore from scratch by just 4 technicians in around 24 hours will soon be put to the test: the ECR 1200-R goes directly from the works to its first project on Chevron's SMI-99 platform at South Marsh Island in the Gulf of Mexico – the first of four assignments booked into the crane's backlog of orders even before it was built.

The ECR 1200-R is a high performance API-2C* crane with a modular lattice boom building to 60, 80, 100 or 120 ft length and an off-board (dynamic) lift capacity of 55 tons.

"This performance makes the ECR 1200-R ideally suited to compressor change-outs and to construction projects such as installation of vessels or production skids," says Energy Cranes rental manager, Wayne 'Chomp' Champagne.

Despite this impressive capacity, the heaviest component requiring to be loaded onto the platform weighs in at under 13 tons.

The ECR 1200-R is the result of a design partnership between Energy Cranes rental and manufacturing divisions in the US and the group's technical department in Aberdeen, Scotland. The new design has been built to a challenging specification which emphasizes safety, performance and speed of erection.

"This is the rental crane the industry has been shouting for," says Wayne Champagne. "The ask was for a quick-build heavy-lifter which came in small packages that could themselves be lifted on board by existing on-board cranes or a lift boat. There simply isn't another rental crane like the ECR 1200-R operating in the Gulf – and the demand is reflected in the order backlog we already have for the crane."

Energy Cranes director of manufacturing, Dave Cockburn, emphasizes that the crane is not a one-off. "We plan to build further ECR 1200-Rs for our rental fleet, but we also have client interest in the non-modular variant, the EC 1200, for permanent installation on platforms and rigs."