Louisiana Oil Port Expected to Re-Open This Week

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port was closed on Sunday due to Tropical Storm Isidore and depending on weather conditions the port could open back up as soon as Friday, according to a spokesman for the port. "We hope to send a team out there by helicopter in a few hours to assess things later today and we should reopen on Friday if wind and seas permit," said a spokesman for LOOP.

A 250,000 barrels per day (bpd) section of the Clovelly pipeline which sends oil from LOOP to onshore refineries was closed overnight because of the storm but should reopen on Thursday, the LOOP official said. The 24-inch Clovelly Alliance Meraux (CAM) is 70 percent owned and operated by BP. Murphy Oil Corp. owns the other 30 percent. The two refineries that receive oil from the pipeline are Phillips Petroleum Co.'s Alliance refinery and Murphy Oil Corp.'s refinery in Meraux, Louisiana.