Syntex to Provide HSE Software to Scorpion Offshore

Syntex Management Systems has been selected by Scorpion Offshore Ltd. to provide Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management software.

Syntex's IMPACT ERMTM suite will provide Scorpion the framework necessary to achieve HSE performance excellence. The application will enable the management team to keep programs simple, focus on the key processes and monitor for assurance and improvement.

"We are confident that the technology provided via the IMPACT ERMTM solution will augment our SAP ERP system and enable Scorpion to implement a unique methodology for investigating incidents and implementing corrective actions proposed by the Petroleum Section of the National Safety Council," said Travis Fitts, Vice President of Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment for Scorpion. "Several companies have attempted to implement the process with varying degrees of success and we are encouraged that our partnership with Syntex will allow us to effectively put this process in place."

Scorpion currently uses an internally developed risk management process called "STING". The process begins with identifying the steps to complete a task, and then goes on to identify the necessary tools, pinpoint hazards, name control measures for eliminating risk and then get agreement that risk has been effectively reduced. IMPACT ERMTM will compliment the "STING" process with the use of the Risk Assessment Matrix, allowing Scorpion to focus efforts on planning and implementing processes that incorporate risk management and safety observations.

"We look forward to forming a long-lasting business relationship with Scorpion," said Trent Derr, President and Chief Executive Officer for Syntex. "IMPACT ERMTM will be the key enabler for their risk management methodology and processes."

Syntex continues to raise the bar in facilitating collaboration through its software, IMPACT ERMâ„¢ suite, allowing employees and contractors, from front office to field operations to easily and efficiently report incidents and manage action items. The application applies enterprise-level web-based technology to integrate a central risk mitigation action item program with both reactive and proactive business processes for risk discovery - establishing a platform for continuous improvement of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities. The IMPACT ERMTM suite implementation, which has been widely successful with many customers, such as MI SWACO, ExxonMobil and Shell, will provide Scorpion with a proven world-class risk management tool.