Tesco Applies its Casing Drilling Application on a Conventional Land Rig

Tesco Corporation has successfully applied it's Casing Drilling(TM) technology on an unmodified drilling rig in South Texas. A 4 1/2" casing string with buttress profile connections was drilled (rotated) from approximately 6700' to 10,000', successfully passing through a severely depleted zone and through numerous zones normally associated with severe loss circulation. By successfully drilling through these problem zones, the Casing Drilling(TM) technology allowed the Operator to eliminate the need for a previously planned intermediate casing string, saving the Operator an estimated 20% of the total well AFE cost. Average well AFE's for this area have been previously budgeted at $1 million (USD). The Operator is already discussing additional drilling opportunities that may result due to the significant cost savings the Casing Drilling(TM) technologies provided.

This success represents the first time that Tesco's proprietary casing drilling products have been used on a conventional land rig to drill with casing, and paves the way for this technology to be commercialized on conventional rigs around the world.