Integra Announces 2006 Operating Performance, Revenue Backlog

Integra Group on Friday announced its operating performance for full-year 2006 and revenue backlog estimates for 2007.

Last year, Integra Group materially increased the volume of oil field services it provided. In 2006, Integra Group's Oilfield Services Division subsidiaries drilled 473.8 thousand meters, built a total of 175 wells and conducted 1,057 workover operations.

In the Formations Evaluation Division, Integra Group's seismic subsidiaries and associates carried out 12,935 km of two-dimensional (2D) surveys, 5,492 sq. km of three-dimensional (3D) surveys, while our well geophysics units carried out over 21,300 logging operations. A substantial number of formation evaluation surveys were carried out by our associated companies.

Integra Group's Equipment Manufacturing Division completed construction of 5 heavy drilling rigs and modernized 16 rigs in 2006.

Operating performance data is presented on a pro-forma basis and includes historical data based on the available records of companies acquired by Integra Group during 2005 and 2006.