Technip-CoFlexip Wins Braemar Development Work

Coflexip Stena Offshore Limited has been awarded the pipelines and subsea infrastructure EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction) contract from Marathon Oil U.K. Ltd. for the Braemar field and the Brae B to Miller gas transfer pipeline developments in the Northern North Sea. The contract, worth over EUR52 million (30 million British Pounds), includes the tie-back of the Braemar production well to the Marathon operated East Brae platform and the installation of a new gas transfer pipeline between the Marathon operated Brae B and BP operated Miller platforms.

Within the scope of the contract, CSOL will undertake the project management, engineering and design, manufacture and installation of the Braemar production pipeline (12.5km) and Brae B to Miller linkline (8.5km) that are required for the development. CSOL is also responsible for the project management, engineering and installation of the production control umbilical between the Braemar well and the East Brae platform (12.5km) and associated equipment. Tie-ins, testing and commissioning of the completed infrastructure will be carried out by CSOL with a target of first gas before the end of 2003.

Construction and installation of the subsea infrastructure will be carried out between March and August 2003 by vessels from the Technip-Coflexip fleet of 14. The reelship, CSO Apache is scheduled to commence offshore operations for the pipelay phase of the project in April 2003 with trenching support being provided by the Normand Pioneer. Installation of the subsea structures, umbilicals, tie-ins spools and system testing will be completed by the Diving Support Vessels (DSVs), CSO Wellservicer and CSO Orelia. Fabrication of the Pipe in Pipe system (to connect the Braemar well to the East Brae platform) will be undertaken at Technip-Coflexip's Evanton spoolbase in Scotland. The control umbilical will be designed and manufactured by Technip-Coflexip's Newcastle subsidiary, DUCO Ltd. Ian Stevenson, Managing Director of CSOL, commented: "We are delighted that Marathon Oil U.K. Ltd. has chosen to work with CSOL on this challenging and important project. Our extensive track record in providing subsea pipeline solutions in the North Sea enables us to provide fast-track solutions which suit the needs of our clients where safety is given the highest priority. We look forward to working with Marathon Oil U.K. Ltd. and assisting in the successful completion of both projects."