Manifa on Schedule, E&P Chief Told

Leaders of the Manifa Program team, hosting Exploration and Producing senior vice president Abd Allah S. Al-Saif at a special progress update meeting recently, reported that the major offshore oil-development project is proceeding on schedule.

Accompanying Al-Saif to the meeting on March 31 was Mohammad A. Al-Juwair, general manager of Southern Area Projects for Saudi Aramco.

The Manifa Program, scheduled for completion in June 2011, will produce 900,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian Heavy crude, plus 90 million standard cubic feet (scf) of gas and 65,000 bpd of hydrocarbon condensate.

Constructed in the project will be a new grassroots Central Processing Facility, which will include gas-oil separation, wet-crude handling, gas-compression, gas-conditioning, crude-oil stabilization and produced-water disposal facilities.

A water-supply system will be required to meet reservoir water-injection requirements for Manifa. Several offshore oil- producing and water-injection platforms, sub-sea crude and water-injection pipelines, 27 land drill sites and 11 onshore water-injection drill sites will be constructed, all under the strictest environmental considerations.

Also planned are four major downstream pipelines and terminal facilities at Ju'aymah and Ras Tanura. Gas processing facilities will be added at Khursaniyah Gas Plant to support the gas and condensate produced by Manifa.

A 41-kilometer causeway and 27 drilling islands will be constructed of sand and rock, including approximately 3.3 km of bridges, to provide access for onshore oil rigs and drilling equipment over the shallow depths of much of the Manifa field.

Presenting reports on various facets of the program at the March 31 meeting were:

  • Ali I. Al-Nojaim, manager of Northern Area Oil Operations/Manifa Development, and Abdulaziz I. Al-Fallatah, manager of Manifa Projects - an overview of the program and a road map showing how it will progress to completion.
  • Mohamed A. Al-Abdulkarim, Manifa Central Processing Facilities project manager - a summary update of the seven budget items that make up the program, a progress report and a six-month look ahead. He said front-end engineering of the Central Processing Facilities is progressing as planned.
  • AbdulRahman M. Al-Qahtani, senior operations representative for Manifa - the complexities associated with the processes and the optimization activities related to the operations of the Central Processing Facilities.
  • Ali K. Al-Ajmi, Manifa Causeway Project manager - design and construction challenges related to the causeway, the largest infrastructure project of its kind ever for Saudi Aramco. Al-Ajmi also presented a video program outlining studies being conducted at the University of Belgium to ensure compliance with Saudi Aramco and international codes and standards. He also reported on dredging progress and the birth of the first drilling island in the Arabian Gulf, about 200 km north of Dhahran.

Project leaders also reported to Al-Saif that the three-day first Global Interface Meeting that began March 26 in Reading, England, was a success.

That event focused on defining and agreeing on the interfaces between the various projects that make up the Manifa Program. Project managers, interface coordinators and respective contractor representatives for each project attended the event to agree on the details of the scope responsibilities and interfaces that will affect schedules.

After an open discussion with the Manifa team, Al-Saif commended the team and all company organizations participating in the program, and said he was very encouraged by progress to date, momentum and commitment toward the execution of the mega project.