Artumas: Tests Confirm New Discovery in Tanzania

Artumas Group Inc. reported continued success in its drilling program with a new exploration discovery in the Mnazi Bay Concession in Tanzania.

Results from the Msimbati-1X (MS-1X) exploration well confirm the discovery of the Msimbati Field, comprising multiple, stacked sands of the Middle Miocene age. The sands are predominantly gas-bearing, with indications of small quantities of oil and condensate. Verification of this new field discovery supports Artumas' analysis of multiple prospects in its Mnazi Bay Concession. The presence of a range of hydrocarbons also provides validation of an active petroleum system extending beyond the Mnazi Bay Gas Field.

MS-1X Well Test Results for the Msimbati Field:

Preliminary logging and testing has been completed for three separate sandstone horizons in the newly discovered Msimbati Field. Highlights from the DST results follow:

--The company tested three of four sandstone horizons from 4790 and 5120 feet measured depth in the stacked K sandstone package of the Msimbati Field. The three DST's covered 48.5 feet of the total 63 feet of effective net gas pay in the Field.
--Combined flow rates for the Msimbati Field tested horizons were 28 MMscf/d on a ¾ inch choke with less than 3% pressure drop at the reservoir.
--Permeability measurements range from 182 to 1325 millidarcies in the three tested sands.
--Porosity average of the reservoir sands is 19 % with average water saturation of 39 % indicating the excellent quality of the reservoirs.

MS-1X well was completed in the K2 sand on April 8th The reservoir section of MS-1X has been cased with 7 inch liner, cemented and will subsequently be tied-in for long term testing. RPS-APA will undertake a detailed determination of the hydrocarbon resources for the Msimbati-1X well and the Msimbati Field discovery, following completion of the current seismic acquisition program and subsequent processing and integration of this additional geophysical information with the well test results.

MS-1X Well Test Results for Mnazi Bay Gas Field

The MS-1X exploration well also encountered the "Classic" Mnazi Bay Gas Field sandstones at lower well depth. This confirms the southeastern extension of the Mnazi Bay Gas Field. The "F" sandstone horizon was drill stem tested.