Valmore Group Acquires Stake in Tri-Valley

Tri-Valley Corp. said that the London-based, privately held conglomerate, the Valmore Group, has acquired an initial 5.5% stock position in the company. The position includes a recently announced private placement of 600,000 restricted shares and 200,000 warrants. This latest investment is part of Valmore Group's global strategic investment in oil, gas and mineral properties, in particular, the secure California oil market.

The Valmore Group has expressed its strong agreement with Tri-Valley management's stated business plan to aggressively develop its California-based oil producing properties.

The Valmore Group has investments throughout Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa.

The Valmore Group is currently in the process of completing its SEC Form 13-d filing, within the legally allowed grace period, detailing this aforementioned acquisition.