CapRock Launches New Broadband Maritime Service

CapRock Communications on Wednesday announced the launch of SeaAccess Communications, its new broadband maritime service providing always-on corporate networking and crew morale solutions to ships at sea. With SeaAccess, shipping companies can more efficiently operate their fleets, captains onboard vessels can leverage the corporate network and crew members can take advantage of services designed to help keep them connected.

SeaAccess represents the next step in CapRock's commitment to further serve the specific needs of the commercial maritime market. The launch of the service builds upon the announcement of CapRock's new Maritime Service division that opened last year.

"CapRock has been delivering reliable communications to customers with maritime operations for more than two decades," said CapRock President, Maritime Division, Tore Hilde. "The introduction of SeaAccess is a natural progression for CapRock to further meet the unique requirements of commercial shipping vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, cargo vessels and tankers."

SeaAccess extends business-class communications traditionally found at the corporate office to the remote waters of the commercial shipping industry. The service provides multi-line voice with toll quality connections, Web and e-mail access, Internet VPN capabilities and broadband data speeds starting at 64 Kbps. Global (C-band) solutions are available for vessels making transoceanic routes and regional (Ku-band) solutions serve vessels operating in specific waters.

"As commercial ships positioned around the globe require access to local maintenance and technicians, CapRock's worldwide infrastructure will continue to be a strong benefit for the market," said CapRock CEO Peter Shaper. "With ten regional support centers strategically located worldwide, customers can rest assured that support is always nearby."

Unlike many traditional communication solutions used by the commercial shipping market today, SeaAccess provides an always-on service at a fixed price. This eliminates the need for shipping companies to restrict communication usage based on the often high rates associated with metered services and enables them to budget predictable monthly costs. And, as the commercial shipping industry continues to face challenges with recruiting and retaining talented crews, shipping companies are always looking for advantages to enhance the quality of life onboard their fleets. SeaAccess provides services specifically for crew morale, including pre-paid calling plans, hosted e-mail services and wireless Internet connections.

SeaAccess also enables shipping companies to benefit from their vessels virtually becoming "offices at sea." Ships can access the corporate network and run key IT applications previously limited by low data speeds of alternative solutions. Similar to all of CapRock's broadband VSAT services, SeaAccess is a managed turnkey solution providing customers with on-site equipment, service, maintenance, network monitoring and support that includes 24/7 access to CapRock's help desk.

"The launch of the new service represents CapRock's continued dedication to providing customers with uncompromising communications in some of the most remote and harsh environments in the world," said Shaper. "With SeaAccess, captains and crew may be out to sea, but never out of touch."

CapRock Communications is a global satellite communications provider for the energy, maritime, engineering and construction, mining and disaster recovery industries, as well as for government services. The Company utilizes field-roven satellite technologies to deliver highly reliable managed communication services for broadband networking, real-time video and digital telephony to the world's harshest and most remote locations.