Petrobras Sets Production Record in August

The petroleum production in Petrobras's fields in Brazil and abroad beat a new monthly record in August, reaching the average of 1,587,261 barrels/day. Out of this total, 1,551,450 barrels were produced in Brazil, and 35,811 were produced abroad, representing increases of 4% and 5,9% respectively, compared to the previous month. With the addition of the production of natural gas, in oil-equivalent barrels, the total volume produced by the Company reached 1,863,364 barrels per day, which stands for another record. Considering the natural gas only, Petrobras extracted, in August, 44,163 million m3 per day, of which 40,011 million were extracted from domestic fields and 3,519 million from abroad.

This is the sixth consecutive time, since March, that the monthly average benchmark production of oil and equivalent gas of 1,800 million barrels/day is beaten.

The production increase is a consequence of the high operational efficiency of platforms P-37 and P-40, in the fields of Marlim and Marlim Sul - Campos Basin, and the beginning of operations of the well ESP-15, in the field of Espadarte, in the same basin. In Campos basin only, which is the largest production area in the Country, 1,264,669 oil barrels were extracted daily in last month.

STATE OIL barrels/day GAS in 1,000 m3/day
Amazonas 57,328 6,990
Ceará 14,126 345
Rio Grande do Norte 82,973 2,551
Alagoas 7,720 2,011
Sergipe 41,418 2,005
Bahia 51,331 5,505
Espírito Santo 26,230 1,142
Rio de Janeiro 1,264,669 18,265
Paraná (schist) 4,017 141
São Paulo 1,638 1,057
TOTAL BRAZIL 1,551,450 40,011
ABROAD barrels/day GAS in 1,000 m3/day
Angola14,206 --
Argentina 1,077 1,375
Bolivia 1,420 1,555
Colombia 14,147 293
United States 4,961 929
TOTAL ABROAD 35,811 4,152
TOTAL PETROBRAS 1,587,261 44,163