Trican Acquires CBM Solutions

Trican Well Service Ltd. has purchased all of the shares of CBM Solutions Ltd., a privately owned Calgary-based company that operates throughout western Canada and the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

CBM Solutions specializes in the provision of geological and engineering services for unconventional gas wells, including gas content analysis, reservoir characterization and consulting services for coalbed methane and shale gas wells.

The acquisition of CBM Solutions provides exceptional technical expertise that will allow Trican to develop unconventional gas pumping service technology for use in its operations in Western Canada and the United States. This acquisition represents a significant step toward Trican's goal of becoming the technological leader and premier pumping company in the increasingly important unconventional gas sector in the North American market.

All of the principals and key management of CBM Solutions will remain with the company and are committed to working to help CBM and Trican become the premier provider of coalbed and shale gas services.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Trican's principal operations are in Canada; however, the Company also has growing operations in Russia, Kazakhstan and the United States. Trican provides a comprehensive array of specialized products, equipment and services that are used during the exploration and development of oil and gas reserves. The Company is managed in three divisions - Well Service, Production Services and Corporate.