Baker Hughes Unveils Fluid for Pressure-critical Drilling Apps

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids has introduced Rheo-Logic, which the company said is the next generation of constant rheology synthetic-based drilling fluid. The fluid mitigates the effects of temperature and pressure on the viscosity of the fluid downhole ("rheology"), allowing operators to better manage dynamic pressures while drilling critical wells.

Rheo-Logic is simple by design, easy to use, and does not exhibit an elevated viscosity profile. This low maintenance, cost-effective system has been field proven to reduce mud losses, allow increased trip speeds, improve hole cleaning, and enhance overall drilling efficiency in pressure-critical wells.

Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids, a division of Baker Hughes, aims to provide cutting-edge technology to achieve high performance around the world with water-base and emulsion-base drilling fluids systems, completion fluids, fluids environmental services, specialty products, and industrial drilling products.

Baker Hughes is a leading provider of drilling, formation evaluation, completion and production products ands services to the worldwide oil and gas industry.