Toreador Says Akkaya Platform Tie-in Complete

Toreador Resources says Akkaya platform tie-in has been completed and the Dogu Ayazli platform tie-in is nearly finished. The first two production platforms in the first phase of development of the South Akcakoca Sub-basin are in place and first gas sales are expected soon. The Akkaya production platform has been tied into the offshore pipeline and the Akkaya-1a, -2 and -3 wells have been tied into the production manifold on the platform. Gas has begun to flow from the Akkaya platform into the offshore pipeline and the onshore production facility. This initial flow is being used to purge the nitrogen in the offshore pipeline, the production facility and the onshore pipeline to prepare the system for first gas sales. Once the pipelines and plant are filled, the compressors will be test run and pressure built up in the onshore pipeline in readiness for first gas sales.

The tie-in of the Dogu Ayazli platform and Dogu Ayazli-1 and -2 wells is nearly complete, with commissioning checks and communications tests with onshore control systems to follow. Once the testing is complete, gas flow from the Dogu Ayazli platform will begin into the offshore pipeline and will be combined with the flow from the Akkaya platform.

Final test results from Alapli-1 well yield commingled flowrate of 7 million cubic feet of gas per day

The Alapli-1 well, which lies just outside the South Akcakoca Sub-basin but within the Toreador-TPAO-Stratic joint venture area, yielded a final test result of approximately 7 million cubic feet of gas per day from 15 meters of perforations. The three zones were between 1,068 and 1,242 meters true vertical depth in the Eocene-age Kusuri formation. The final test was a commingled flow from all three zones through a 32/64-inch choke with a flowing pressure of approximately 1,080 psi.

Toreador has a 36.75% interest in the well, TPAO has 51% interest and Stratic has the remaining 12.25% interest.