Acergy Readies Its First Two Schilling Robotics ROVs for Deployment

Acergy has taken delivery of its first two ultraheavy-duty ROV systems from Schilling Robotics' Acergy Core Vehicle (ACV) line. Five additional ACV systems are on schedule for delivery to Acergy during 2007.

The first of the 150-shp, 3000-m ROV systems was delivered in January 2007, and has undergone wet and dry testing in Aberdeen, U.K. Acergy operations personnel have also been trained on the new system, including use of Schilling's StationKeep utility, the only dynamic positioning system available for ROVs. The second system was delivered in March 2007.

Both ACVs will soon be mobilized aboard the Polar Queen, which has been chartered by Acergy for deepwater flexible pipelay and subsea construction tasks worldwide. The ROV systems will initially be deployed off the coast of West Africa.

Schilling was selected by Acergy in 2006 to produce the standard ROV system for the company's next-generation remote intervention fleet. The ACV, which is based on Schilling's standard ultraheavy-duty UHD system, adds the power, flexibility, and enhanced vehicle control to take Acergy's remote intervention capabilities to a new level. Both ROV systems include Schilling's extended-tether XE TMS, which can load up to 900 m of 35-mm tether. Tether capacity is increasingly important in Acergy's pipelay business, where work often needs to be performed at extended distances from its vessels.