Mart: Rig 201 En Route to Nigeria

Mart Resources, Inc. announced that Rig 201 was shipped from the Port of Houston on March 21, 2007, destined for Nigeria. The rig is owned by Mart's wholly owned subsidiary NRG Drilling 201 Limited, and will join NRG's Rig 101 which is already operating in Nigeria's Niger Delta.

Rig 201, which is capable of drilling to 18,000 feet, is a 1,500-horsepower, electric drive rig fitted with MKF 1300 HP triplex pumps and a 5,000 psig manifold and blowout preventer system.

The rig is due to arrive in Nigeria in late April and will be used to drill wells in Mart's proven but undeveloped Nigerian oil fields. It is fully equipped to operate in the region's complex and challenging environment.