New IHS Acquisition Screener Helps A&D Teams Identify Acquisition Targets

IHS Inc. has launched IHS Acquisition Screener, a new asset screening resource for oil and gas acquisition and divestiture (A&D) teams. Acquisition Screener provides information that helps identify potential acquisition targets and validates economic assumptions on specific assets. It offers new and unique information, including: operator rankings, valuations, activity trends, operating expenses, ownership and reserves.

Currently, A&D engineers screening Texas assets only have access to detailed data for properties that are publicly offered for sale. Other information is collected, compiled and then evaluated based on original research, which is typically a cumbersome process. With the availability of Acquisition Screener, users can query a complete set of screening-level data to identify assets, or entire companies, to approach with an offer.

"IHS has invested a significant amount of time to gather numerous datasets that we know are used by A&D teams," said Mark Rose, senior vice president, U.S., for the Energy segment of IHS. "We've added structure, calculations and logical navigation. With this online offering, we are giving A&D teams time to focus on evaluations, negotiations and networking, not on data collection and manipulation."

By supporting screening activities and economic assumptions, IHS is providing users with the potential opportunity to increase the number of acquisitions they are able to complete. Users can generate ranked production lists for fields, operators or leases within a basin. These ranked lists will help users zero in on more detailed economic information based on selected attributes such as daily production, number of wells, depth and producing formation.

Regional subscriptions for Acquisition Screener were developed based on geological provinces and roughly cover North, South, East and West Texas.