New PETRA Release Delivers Integration with IHS Enerdeq

IHS Inc. has launched PETRA®, a new version of its popular PC-based geological analysis software with automated data access. This release includes the IHS Enerdeq® Direct Connect feature providing customers an easy mechanism for creating and refreshing oil and gas (O&G) companies' interpretation projects with the latest IHS data.

PETRA is a leading tool used by geoscientists and engineers to conduct project data management, visualization and analysis. For many PETRA customers, IHS data is the primary source of well and production information which is vital to understanding ongoing changes in hundreds of thousands of wells across the U.S. Many have developed best-practice processes for creating and re-populating their projects with a combination of proprietary data and the most up-to-date IHS data.

In the past, this often required manual effort or the development of custom data-transfer interfaces, which are difficult to maintain. PETRA's Enerdeq Direct Connect reduces data access time, while improving data currency by retrieving the most recent data available on IHS servers.

Enerdeq Direct Connect is a feature made possible through IHS Enerdeq, a data access and integration platform with multiple versions to deliver IHS data in a flexible manner. In this case, the Direct Connect feature is based on the use of the Enerdeq Web Services Software Development Kit, which allowed PETRA product developers to easily incorporate data transfers users have been requesting to streamline their workflows. Customers are able to use a map or text query to quickly view, sort and import the well and product data that is needed. Additionally, customers now have access to more data types than were historically available in the PI97/98 formats.

"While PETRA is an industry leader for integrating data into an analytic product suite, we are making it even better with tight integration to IHS technology and data," said Tim Hopkins, vice president of U.S. Strategic Marketing at IHS.