Weatherford Boosts Optical Sensing Capabilities

Weatherford International has acquired the specialty fiber and glass micro-structure facility of CiDRA Industrial Sensing Systems. The vertical integration of these resources within Weatherford's Intelligent Systems will allow the group an unparalleled ability to accelerate development, marketing and delivery of a wide range of in-well optical sensing systems.

The assets included in this integration are: 1) an advanced glass pre-form fabrication and draw facility; 2) precision glass machining and laser processing stations; 3) an optical test and metrology laboratory; and 4) extensive environmental test cells, all housed in a 25,000 square foot facility. In addition, Weatherford's expertise in opto-mechanical design, photonic sensor development and the manufacture of glass micro structures -- a core sensing technology applied in Weatherford's optical sensing systems -- is greatly enhanced. This step completes the final phase of Weatherford's integration of its CiDRA Optical Sensing System acquisition announced late last year.

"This move strongly compliments our existing R&D, manufacturing, sales and operations infrastructure for optical sensing systems, which already are experiencing success and market adoption," says Stuart Ferguson, Vice President Intelligent Systems. "It gives us cradle-to-grave control of the product development process and critical supply chains. For our clients, this means we will be better able to meet their demands of increased reliability, cost-effectiveness and ease of use when compared to alternative technologies. We also have significantly strengthened our intellectual property base for applications in the oil and gas industry."

Mr. Ferguson continued, "Finally, Weatherford and CiDRA will continue their strong technology collaboration relationship."