R&B Falcon's deepwater drillship, Deepwater Pathfinder, is in Galveston, Texas undergoing repairs following the accident that resulted in the loss of the top drive, BOP's, and twenty joints of riser. The rig is expected to be out of action for six months. An investigation into the cause of the accident is being performed by the MMS, R&B, Conoco and the manufacturer of the drilling system components. No decision has been made whether R&B Falcon will retrieve the lost equipment. Pride International's deepwater drillship, Pride Africa, is underway to Cape Town, South Africa for repair and inspection following another accident involving drillstring failure which resulted in damage to the top drive, loss of the BOP and some riser. There was no damage to the marine systems or the hull and no injuries were reported. The drillship is expected to be out of service until March 2000 at the latest. Pride has decided to attempt retrieval of the blowout preventor using the Pride Africa.