Pemberton to Add 2D Near Gage Program

Pemberton Energy Ltd. has decided to shoot a new 2D program northwest of its current 3D-2007 Gage program in Alberta. This 2D project will consists of two lines; West to East line is 2.4 km and North to South line is 3.2 km long. The application for government approval was submitted by Integrated Geophysical Consultants Ltd., and permitting began on March 16.

Director Ms. Miroslava Antonuk stated: "Management has decided to shoot this 2D program simultaneously with its 3D-2007 Gage program to save the cost and time of mobbing and demobing crews and to explore its additional assets and save the cost of seismic interpreting by having both seismic programs interpreted at the same time. Pemberton feels that it is necessary to explore the possibilities of having multiple producing horizons on these 2 quarter sections with mineral rights from surface to basement that are located in the horseshoe of production in the area. This will be an economical way for Pemberton to explore its property and possibly yield additional drill targets for the upcoming drill program."

In addition Pemberton wishes to update its 3D-2007 Gage seismic program. 598 out of 700 shot point holes have been drilled and packed with dynamite. Management anticipates to have all shot point holes drilled and packed by Tuesday, March 20, 2007. Upon completion of the shot point holes on the 3D-2007 Gage project, the crew has been scheduled to move to Pemberton's proposed 2D-program. The recording crew for the Company's 3D project is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

Pemberton Energy's principal business is the acquisition, exploration and development of petroleum properties. The company continues to focus on its primary corporate objective: the creation of value for shareholders by identifying oil and gas accumulations with relatively low geological risk but with substantial reserve potential.