WTR Achieves Significant World First

Aberdeen-based Walker Technical Resources (WTR) has achieved a world first, by being the only oil and gas service company, both in the UK and internationally, to achieve British Standards Institution (BSI) Integrated Management Registration (IMR). This latest accomplishment for the SME comes in addition to achieving Lloyd's Register Type Approval for a composite pipe repair system.

WTR managing director, Graham Birnie said: "Achieving both BSI IMR and Lloyd's Register Type Approval, which provide third party re-assurance that all applicable legislation and international standards are being complied with by WTR, means we now offer an outstanding level of service that is unrivalled globally. It took a lot of hard work, drive and commitment, but it was paramount for the company to accomplish this and is invaluable to our business."

WTR provides engineered composite pipe repair programs to the oil and gas industry, as well as water, defense, power and other industrial sectors. The company has developed some of the most advanced composite products in its field - the range coming under the trademark name 'Technowrap', a cost-effective, engineered composite solution for pipeline and pipework repairs, which gained the Lloyd's Register Type Approval.

Graham continues: "WTR is a growing SME dealing with global giants such as BP and these accreditations are vital to the success of our company on a number of levels. By achieving these world firsts we are setting industry standards, are miles ahead of our closest competitors and are showing investment in our industry. On a company level, these standards keep us 'on our toes' – sometimes it's important to challenge ourselves as individuals, to be sure we are working to the best of our ability.

"The company's business processes and product range have met all the standards confirmed by the world leading Lloyd's Register Type approval. Coupled with the BSI accreditation, it means that existing and potential customers worldwide can be confident in WTR product and service standards, giving the company the leading competitive edge in composite repairs."

Chris Rhodes, group vice-president of BP, when speaking about the IMR, said: "WTR have helped BP to manage our integrity through providing quality products for the past 10 years. WTR are to be commended on their application of quality systems at a time when companies like BP are so dependent on consistently high quality products coming to market. The fact that they have had the commitment to integrate a number of systems into one integrated whole is also a testimony to their commitment to an efficient way of accomplishing their objective and one from which BP can also learn."