Radial to Acquire Rancho Hermoso

Radial Energy Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 100% of the shareholders of Rancho Hermoso S.A. as a required step toward closing its acquisition of all Rancho Hermoso shares and assets.

Rancho Hermoso is a recognized privately held Colombian corporation with an excellent operational record of accomplishment engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas within the Republic of Colombia. This commitment to excellence is reflected by their ongoing HSES compliance as well as efforts to achieve ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. With this planned acquisition, Radial Energy quickly moves towards the completion of the second stage of its strategy in Colombia.

Radial Energy's investment further positions the Company as operators of the Rancho Hermoso projects with the likely near term return being a quantifiable boost in overall performance of its production assets. In addition, the transaction brings significant human resource benefits incorporating a skilled and well-trained team familiar with the environment, equipment, and conditions.

The MOU outlines the agreement in its entirety including total price of the transaction, payment schedule and payment mechanisms. It also defines that a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA) shall be signed within the next 30 days. The executed MOU regulates the terms and conditions of the transaction, with the closing scheduled to take place no later than June 15th 2007.

Radial has confirmed that Rancho Hermoso's current performance is consistent with its previously stated operating plans, and the current focus of effort is on a general workover program encompassing three Entrerrios field wells and completion of a promising Rancho Hermoso field well. The intention is to open production on additional horizons in the Ubaque and Mirador formations to increase overall oil production. The work plan has already started, resulting in a 400 BOPD oil production increase in the ER-3 well. The workover/completion program is expected to be finished by mid April with an anticipated incremental increase of oil production of up to 2000 BOPD thereby targeting an estimated total production of 6000 BOPD.

Radial Chief Operating Officer Omar Hayes commented, "Excellence in operations, social responsibility, and HSES culture are the basis of the business performance that Radial has identified for itself since our inception. Rancho Hermoso is a company that dovetails with our vision and brings a vital synergy that will propel our strategy for sustainable and profitable growth."

Radial Energy identifies, acquires, and develops low-risk oil and natural gas exploration and development opportunities throughout the Americas. The Company's strategy involves targeting overlooked or under-developed reserves that are under the radar of multinational oil companies and out of the reach of small independents.

The Company targets prospective oil and natural gas opportunities in historically productive regions with a focus on identifying previously drilled but undeveloped exploratory wells that, due to factors at the time of initial drilling including the absence of pipeline infrastructure, lack of modern recovery technology, poor geological or engineering interpretation or low oil and gas prices, were not fully exploited.