Malampaya Field Wins Sustainable Development Award

Shell Philippines Exploration B.V, operator for the Joint Venture (Shell, Chevron-Texaco, Philippine National Oil Company-Exploration Corporation) that developed the upstream part of the Malampaya Deep Water Gas to Power Project for the Philippines' Department of Energy, has won a major United Nations award for Sustainable Development.

This award is in recognition of its program for natural gas development in the country using a Sustainable Development Management Framework that ensured the economic, environmental, and social acceptability of a new large scale industrial development in the Philippines through partnerships with government, local communities, local and international NGOs, as well as with civil society at large.

The ICC/UNEP Award for Sustainable Development Partnerships will be handed to Shell Philippines Exploration B.V, representing the Joint Venture and the Philippines' Department of Energy at a special ceremony at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The awards are given by International Chamber of Commerce and United Nations Environment Program. ICC is the world business organization - the largest private sector association in the world. UNEP is the environment agency of the United Nations. This is the second year they have joined forces to recognize the sustainable development achievements of companies around the world.