Maui Offshore Gas Field Shut Down for Maintenance

A major inspection and maintenance program will be performed on the offshore Maui gas field in November. MDL said it estimated 75-90% of maximum gas deliverability could be maintained throughout most of the month, though further supply constraints could be possible, particularly during mid-November.

The planned work requires the phased, partial shutdown of facilities throughout the month, with the most critical period being the November 16-22 period, when the Maui B platform is to be isolated during the replacement of the emergency shutdown valve in the pipeline from Maui A-B and on to the onshore Oaonui production station.

MDL chairman Lloyd Taylor said MDL was working closely with the Crown and major gas users to co-ordinate maintenance activity and so minimize the effects of reduced gas supply.

Dr. Taylor said that with the Maui field well into its third and final production decade, the impacts of field depletion and increased facilities maintenance placed a premium on the energy industry co-operation for identifying and managing the supply chain risks. MDL will provide a further update on shutdown plans in late October, taking into account progress in well workovers and reservoir performance during the next two months.