Petrobras To Use Landmark Graphics Software and Services

Landmark Graphics announced that Petrobras has chosen Landmark's suite of drilling data management and drilling engineering software products and support services for use by its major drilling departments. Petrobras will be using Landmark's drilling software for planning, executing and analyzing its well construction processes.

"The breadth of the Landmark software to be deployed by Petrobras will support its goal of improving efficiency and performance," said Andy Lane, president and CEO, Landmark Graphics. "We look forward to expanding our already well-established working relationship with Petrobras in the area of advanced drilling technologies and services."

The contract covers Brazilian field sites in Rio de Janeiro, Macae, Salvador, Vitoria, Aracaju and Natal. Landmark's suite of drilling software that will be utilized includes COMPASS, WELLPLAN, CasingSeat, StressCheck, WELLCAT and the R2003 release of DIMS. More than 140 Petrobras engineers have successfully completed a training program, enabling them to utilize state-of-the-art integrated applications for rapid response and quick, accurate decision making, particularly for deepwater well construction projects. In addition, Petrobras contracted significant Landmark onsite consultant services to provide technical support for the applications.

"Petrobras' decision to shift to Landmark's drilling software goes hand in hand with our corporate goal of achieving 'excellency in drilling,'" said Luiz Alberto Santos Rocha, Corporate Technology Group, Petrobras. "As a pioneer in deepwater exploration, Landmark will help Petrobras maintain our position as one of the top operators in deep and ultra deep waters. Through this strategic partnership, we hope to significantly reduce well construction costs and improve well productivity."

"Landmark's drilling software will enable Petrobras, a deepwater industry leader, to handle the engineering complexity of these wells ever more effectively," said Bill Sanstrom, Landmark's vice president, Drilling, Production and Economic Systems.