Woodside Completes Chinguetti-4-2 Production Test

Woodside reports that a production test of the Chinguetti-4-2 step-out exploration well has been completed over the first of two zones within the primary reservoir interval. The production test flowed at a maximum rate of 1560 barrels of oil and 650 Mscf of gas per day through a 30/64-inch choke, constrained by sand production.

Sand inflow from reservoirs can be controlled. In the case of a development, appropriately designed and completed production wells should be capable of achieving significantly higher flow rates. Current operations are recovering the test string and making preparations to production test the second test zone.

Participants in the Area B PSC are as follows: Woodside Mauritania Pty Ltd as operator with 35.0%; AGIP Mauritania BV with 35.0%; Hardman Resources Ltd with 21.6%; Fusion Oil and Gas NL with 6.0% and Roc Oil (Mauritania) Company with the remaining 2.4%.