Origin Spuds Jingemia 11 Onshore Perth Basin

Operations at the oil development well Jingemia 11, located in the onshore Perth Basin Production License L14 in Western Australia, commenced at 9:30 p.m. WST on Wednesday using the Century 18 drilling rig, according to operator Origin Energy Limited. The well was drilling ahead at 195 meters in a 311-millimeter (12-1/4 inch) hole at 6 a.m. WST Thursday.

Jingemia 11 is located 23 kilometers southeast of the township of Dongara. The primary target is the Late Permian Dongara Sandstone, the main oil-producing reservoir in the Jingemia, Hovea and Eremia fields.

Jingemia 11 is designed to intersect the Dongara Sandstone at a structurally high position in the field. The well is being drilled directionally and is prognosed to intersect the top of the Dongara Sandstone at approximately 2,490 meters measured depth at a subsurface location approximately 645 meters east-northeast of the surface location.

Surface coordinates for the Jingemia 11 drilling location are as follows:

--Latitude: 29° 20' 20.28" S
--Longitude: 114° 59' 18.91" E

The well has a planned total depth of approximately 2,614 meters measured depth and is expected to take 18 days to drill and complete.

Participants in L14 and Jingemia 11 are:

--Origin Energy Developments Pty Ltd* (Operator) 49.189%
--ARC Energy Ltd 44.141%
--Victoria Petroleum Offshore Pty Ltd 5.000%
--Norwest Energy NL 1.278%*
--Roc Oil (WA) Pty Ltd 0.250%
--J.K. Geary 0.142%
*A wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited

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