Meridian Issues Results of Michigan Well Test

Meridian Petroleum plc on Tuesday announced further details of well testing at the Orion site in Michigan.

According to Meridian, comprehensive Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) data have now been obtained for the Orion 36 well (Meridian, 75-percent. net revenue interest) located in Oakland County, Michigan. The BHP readings were as follows: BHP 1,548 pounds per square inch (PSI); on flow with a 3/64 inch choke at 1,533 PSI. The pressure readings are in line with the BHPs achieved by the original Fons and Jacobs wells.

Analysis completed by Southern Petroleum Laboratories Inc. demonstrates that the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content at Orion is 0.21%. The gas BTU content is 1,098 on a dry basis and 1,079 on a wet basis. These results reveal that once the H2S is removed, Meridian will have pipeline quality gas at the Orion 36 Well.

Tony Mason, Chief Executive Officer stated, "The Company is currently moving ahead rapidly with the tie into the CMS pipeline and the construction of the H2S removal facilities on site. Based on the BHP data, we anticipate that the flow rate will be in excess of the Board of Directors' expectations for Orion."