MCS Develops Engineering Tool for Subsea Industry

MCS continues to drive up standards across the subsea oil and gas industry with the launch of the innovative software program PipeLay Version 2.4.

The newly enhanced program reflects MCS commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers by constantly challenging business development barriers and developing progressive software solutions.

It builds on the success of the earlier PipeLay programs designed specifically for offshore pipeline installation analysis. PipeLay combines an intuitive graphical user interface that allows rapid data specification in familiar engineering terms, with state of the art analytical capabilities based on the finite-element engine of the industry-leading time domain program Flexcom.

From the user's perspective, the program is designed as an engineering tool rather than a finite-element package. Inputs are all in engineering terms and the software automates many of the tasks associated with building complex finite element models, running and postprocessing multiple load cases and presenting results in a concise report-ready format. These features contribute to the significant labour-saving potential of the software.

PipeLay Version 2.4 is the final release under the PipeLay Phase II project which brought MCS together with many of the biggest names in the industry and pipeline installation world, including Allseas, Heerema, Saipem, SBM, Technip and Petrobras.

It provides enhanced pipe-in-pipe and pipe-on-pipe modeling capabilities, dynamic pipe pay-out and pay-in modeling capabilities plus the ability to use additional installation criteria including seabed contact, axial stress and strain, and lay back. It has an arbitrary elastic seabed modeling capability and an extensive range of examples is provided with the software including examples for davit lift, DMA start-up, articulated stinger modeling and pipe-in-pipe modeling.

Significant improvements have also been made to the program's user interface to make it more powerful, flexible and user-friendly while the Dynamic Display module has been converted to a real 3D display using Microsoft DirectX Version 9. This allows the user views of their model as never before with solid surfaces, realistic lighting and shading effects, perspective views, hidden line removal and striking textures.

PipeLay is backed up by support from professional engineers experienced in both developing and using the software. This experience allows MCS to offer an unrivalled level of support to software users.

MCS Software Development Manager Michael Lane said: "When we developed the specification for PipeLay Version 2, we set ourselves some extremely ambitious targets. Our aim was to produce the most powerful and flexible tool ever for installation analysis. We achieved that aim and Version 2.4 is the realization of that goal."