Duffy and McGovern Enters Deal with Jumbo Ships in Singapore

Duffy and McGovern's world-leading units are now setting sail with global shipping giant Jumbo Ships in the Timor Sea.

Duffy and McGovern Accommodation Services (DMAS) is delivering a complex of six four-bed sleeper cabins and a recreation room/office to the vessel Jumbo Vision in Singapore as it departs for the Puffin Field.

The £100,000 contract, which is scheduled to last a minimum two months, was sealed as DMAS was the only provider able to guarantee delivery of the units Jumbo Ships required for the project.

DMAS' units are fully A60 fire-rated and DNV approved, and can be custom-modified to meet client requirements.

Regional vice-president for DMAS' Southeast Asia operation, Mike Godwin, welcomed the major new contract and working relationship with Jumbo Ships.

"As the world's leading offshore accommodation provider we are delighted to be working with another major industry front-runner in Jumbo Ships," said Mr. Godwin.

"We were able to guarantee delivery of the units they needed thanks to our extensive fleet, which has already been doubled in south-east Asia in response to growing customer demand.

"Ongoing fleet growth means we can ensure that we are able to mobilize units quickly and cost-effectively for our customer base.

"Our modules are capable of being customized for any application while meeting and exceeding stringent offshore safety requirements."