Kvaerner and Partners Win ONS 2002 Innovation Award

Aker Kvaerner, together with its partners Shell and Statkraft – have been awarded the ONS 2002 "Innovation Award". The Award is for the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology to be used in the production of electric power, offshore. The Bellona Foundation is also playing an important role in the project.

At the opening of ONS 2002 yesterday, Aker Kvaerner – together with partners Shell and Statkraft, in co-operation with Siemens Westinghouse – were named the winners of the Innovation Award for 2002. The prize has been given for the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with natural gas as fuel for power generation on offshore installations. If the project becomes successful it will be possible to substitute present day gas turbines, with fuel cells. The fuel cells are twice as efficient as the gas turbines – and are free from C02 emissions.

The ultimate goal for the co-operation is to take the lead in the commercialization of multi-megawatt fuel cells. This technology can also be applied for onshore power production and the fuel cells have a huge, future market potential. The co-operating parties would develop Norwegian technology related to fuel cells that could also lead to the creation of new jobs in Norway. The Aker Kvaerner content in such fuel cell power packages could be as much as 50 percent.

A 250 KW prototype is planned to be built at Kollsnes in the county of Oygarden in Norway, by 2004. The aim is to substitute 10–20 MW gas turbines for offshore use. Such a fuel cell package could be within reach before 2010.