Tanker Captain May Face Manslaughter Charges

The captain of the tanker, Bow Eagle, may be charged with manslaughter after a French fishing trawler sank on Monday. Four fishermen from the fishing trawler Cistude died in what authorities believe was a collision with the Norwegian chemical tanker.

The incident occurred early Monday morning. Only three fishermen from the fishing trawler were rescued. The district attorney for the French port city Sables d'Olonne, is now weighing the possibility of various charges - manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and refusing to help people in distress. Odfjell is cooperating with the French coast guard. On Wednesday morning crew-members on watch at the time of the collision admitted that the ship hit the "Cistude". Odfjell confirmed that its Bow Eagle tanker had been involved in a collision with a French trawler on Monday.

It was first allowed to continue towards Rotterdam after making its vessel secure, but was then ordered on Tuesday to go to the French port of Dunkerque pending further investigation but has since been released to continue to Rotterdam.