Halliburton Announces New Hole Enlargement Offering

Security DBS Drill Bits, a product line of Halliburton's Drilling and Formation Evaluation Division, announced Wednesday at the 2007 International Association of Drilling Contractors Conference in Amsterdam that it has added a breakthrough technology to its suite of Hole Enlargement products and solutions. The XR reamer line of tools is designed for both conventional and rotary steerable applications and it provides the industry's only available concentric hole enlargement technology that is also capable of enlarging a pilot hole more than 40 percent while drilling.

XR reamer tools offer activation and deactivation capabilities that allow the hole to be selectively enlarged based on existing casing-shoe and well-design parameters.

"Hole enlargement is expected to grow more than 40 percent in 2007 to an estimated 16 percent of total footage drilled worldwide," said James Bement, vice president, Security DBS Drill Bits. "This development reflects an overall systems approach to meeting this challenge in increasingly complex drilling applications."

By integrating Security DBS' advanced bit and reamer technologies with Sperry Drilling Services' Geo-Pilot system, Halliburton delivers reliable hole-enlargement solutions with proven results. In one well, the XR 1200 reamer, in combination with the Geo-Pilot and FullDrift bit-matched system, enabled Halliburton to drill ahead and enlarge a 700-meter section of Cretaceous chalk with hard stringers from 12-1/4 inches to 17-1/2 inches in less than 72 hours. In a Norwegian offshore well, the XR 1200 reamer established the longest simultaneous 12-1/4-inch hole opening run, drilling 4,661 meters at an 80-degree inclination.