Saudi Aramco Makes Discovery Southeast of Ghawar

Saudi Aramco has discovered a new oil field southeast of Ghawar in the Eastern Province.

On Feb. 11, the Dirwazah-1 well tested oil in the Unayzah reservoir at 15,310 feet. The well flowed 3,915 barrels per day of oil with 11.9 million standard cubic feet of gas per day at 4,466 psi wellhead pressure on a 32/64 inch choke. Under normal production completion, the well is expected to flow at a higher rate.

Dirwazah-1 is 70 kilometers southeast of Ghawar Field and 280 km south of Dhahran.

Abd Allah S. Al-Saif, senior vice president of Exploration and Producing, expressed his appreciation to the exploration and drilling crews and all the support organizations whose efforts made this significant discovery possible.